Blog or brochure site?

Such is the rapid and relentless advance of online technology, it is worth recalling that it was only a matter of a decade ago that business finally acknowledged the necessity of having a decent website at all.

Brochure sites as they are known – sites that basically give the visitor a bit of information about the organisation, details of its products and services, how to buy them and who to contact – were once the standard and are still very much with us.

But for how much longer? The advent of the easily bought set up and managed blog site has redrawn the online landscape for good, fundamentally changing the services that Optix Solutions now offer clients as a result.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or the art of getting your site noticed and ranked highly with search engines, is the catalyst behind the now firmly mainstream blogging revolution.

Combined with proactive and well thought out social media and online marketing strategies, the engagement with key audiences that a blog produces is one of the keys to SEO success.

Search engines, with Google at their head, are far more sophisticated when it comes to the types of signals and search references they pick up nowadays. They are increasingly configured to reward relevance and consistent activity.

Off the shelf blog site templates, such as those produced by WordPress, are simple to manage and allow even the smallest concerns to produce a steady stream of fresh, up to the minute content which can be targeted at key audiences.

No longer does adding a new piece of copy or an extra page require the time (and expense) of asking your web designer to take something down, put something up, and write some extra code. It can be done from any computer in a matter of minutes.

Some still think of blogging simply as writing personal thoughts or providing information on particular subjects online.

However, blog sites have become far more versatile, providing ample capacity for companies to not only write on the latest developments in their industries or business, but also include easily updatable pages containing products and services, portfolios, images and videos, case studies etc…

The combination of fresh content and the interest this can produce by prompting comments and creating dialogue with visitors, means there is a lot more noise generating from a well managed blog site than its static equivalent, and with it a much better chance of featuring prominently in search engine rankings.

So is the brochure site dead? Optix Solutions director and co-founder Alastair Banks certainly believes they are about to be consigned to the annuls of online history.

“Although brochure sites are still used by smaller businesses who simply want to advertise their services, credentials and contact details, blog sites are a more effective and dynamic means to manage a smaller, say five to ten page site.

“The advantages are enormous. You can now buy a template online for less than £50 and it isn’t hard to learn how to use the technology and content management.

“You can add pages and content and tweak bits and pieces daily rather than waiting for the designer to do it. You can also combine more conventional news with blogs or link the blog to a main website or online shop.

“Blog sites are definitely the way to go for smaller businesses, which is why at Optix Solutions we have concentrated our energies into developing carefully tailored consultancy packages which enable our customers to make the most of the potential of their blog site, instead of producing static websites.”

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