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Devon Partnership Trust (NHS) new website goes live

Posted by Alastair Banks on August 11th 2017 in Design, Development, Company News

Devon Partnership Trust (NHS) site goes live

Over the last year the entire team at Optix has been busy beavering away on a very exciting new project that we’ve not really been able to tell people about...until now. As part of a regional tender, Optix were chosen by the marketing and communications team at Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT), who provide mental health and learning...

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End of an Era

Posted by Alastair Banks on August 8th 2017 in Company News

End of an Era

Its with a heavy heart that I write this but at the same time I feel an enormous sense of pride and responsibility which leads me to put pen to paper (in the electronic sense anyway).  I remember vividly a young lady turning up on our doorstep in the office before last. This was almost ten years ago. She asked if we had any jobs at the time. We didn't. There was something...

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Exciting Times Ahead for the Team at Optix

Posted by Alastair Banks on November 18th 2016 in Company News, Jobs

2016 saw an year of consolidation internally and a number of exciting external investments made by the business. With these out of the way, we’re looking to ramp things up in 2017 and go for growth. The question is, are you the sort of person who can help us achieve this? Next year we will be on the hunt for...

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Are you a Dynamic Business Developer?

Posted by Alastair Banks on November 11th 2014 in News, Company News, Jobs

We need someone who.... is into business development? listens before speaking? enjoys solving others problems? is up for helping others grow their businesses? Can you say yes to all of the above? Then this role could be for you. We’re looking for a business development star to join our already legendary team and help grow our client’s businesses online. Note how we didn’t say...

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New Beginnings

Posted by Alastair Banks on November 10th 2014 in News, Company News

A trait thats highly encouraged in the Optix team is entrepreneurial sprit. Its hardly surprising when you think that the two directors started the company at the tender age of 19 and while still at Exeter University. Where other companies might be concerned about staff upping sticks and creating their own business we take quite the opposite. We say good luck,...

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Client News - Business Systems (UK) Ltd

Posted by Alastair Banks on August 22nd 2014 in Social Media, SEO, Online Marketing, Company News, PPC, Digital Marketing

At Optix Solutions we have always prided ourselves on our excellent long-term client relationships, and it’s been a pleasure to watch our clients grow and evolve with the benefit of our services. We have been working with leading voice, speech and workforce management specialists Business Systems Ltd for over five years now, and recently we’ve secured a contract with them...

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