Asos Offers Live Chat with a Stylist

When we visited Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing conference back in October I was really interested to hear Will Critchlow from Distilled talk about Live Chat. Will said that using Live Chat helped Distilled to understand their user-base by interacting with them one-on-one during the early days of the agency. As well as giving them valuable insights this helped their potential customers to feel special – something which doesn’t happen so often online.

I was reminded of this when I noticed that Asos are running Live Chat on their site in order to let customers chat with a ‘stylist’ as shown in the image below.

How It Works


    • While browsing the Asos site I noticed a small pop-up which offered to connect me to a stylist, all I had to do was enter my name and email address.
    • Once connected I could see the name of my stylist along with an image of her. I then realised I would need to think of a question to ask!
    • Once I had thought of a question the stylist came back to me with some suggestions. In this instance she didn’t share any specific items with me but no doubt she would have if I had asked.


How Could Live Chat Work For You?

Obviously Live Chat wouldn’t work for everybody but if you have the availability in-house to answer queries then it could be useful. Having a direct line to your customers will help you to qualify leads and speed up customer’s journeys through the sales funnel. People may not feel the need to dial your number to get an answer to their question but entering an online chat is a much easier process.

It’s also a great way to find out what is missing from your website – if everyone asks you about postage rates then you know that this information needs to be more readily available. If people are constantly asking which products go together then this information should be provided on your product pages.

The personal touch is really valuable and makes a customer’s visit remarkable rather than ordinary – I wouldn’t be writing about Asos today if they hadn’t offered me something above-and-beyond what other sites offer.

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