As regular readers might know we have had some amazing hires already this year and we haven’t slowed down yet. With an ever-increasing workload we put the call out again for a new team member. No experience was necessary, we just needed someone with genuine enthusiasm, an aptitude for learning and, most importantly, someone who is the right fit for the Optix family.

Well, the call was answered and we are pleased to announce that Samuel Skinner has now joined us as our new Digital Executive.

Hiring with a willingness to train the successful applicant is a great way of broadening the talent pool we can pull our next team member from while also giving us the chance to find someone with useful supporting skills for the team.

As a self-declared creative Samuel has over five years’ experience offering freelance graphic design and illustration services at while also working for a software company in Somerset and boarding trainee guide dogs at his home in Devon. With an educational background in film and photography too Samuel has a broad skillset that we will enjoy putting to the test while also helping him to learn and develop in his new role (We think those dog-training skills might be especially useful for the office dogs).

We thought we would give the final word to the man himself, over to you Samuel:

“After spending the last year contemplating, deciding on and searching for my career move in marketing I’m absolutely thrilled to have got my chance to break into the sector and very thankful to Optix for the opportunity. I’m looking forward to throwing myself into new role. Please don’t get your hopes up about the dogs though, I’m fairly sure all the guide dogs that graduated did so despite my help rather than because of it!”

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