A wedding planner’s dream website: Meet Westcountry Wedding Guide

When Westcountry Wedding Guide came to us for the redesign and redevelopment of their website, it was clear it need modernising. The owner Katherine Spicer, wanted something that was not only innovative and appealing but that would meet the two core objectives of the website:

  • To provide a useful search facility for individuals to plan their wedding
  • To provide a medium through which businesses were able to easily communicate the various wedding products and services they offered

One thing that was immediately apparent with the old site was the large quantity of categories, making it hard for a user to find the businesses they were looking for. We decided to strip back the categories to the core basics and offer options to refine the search results by keyword, region and distance. The company’s profile page is now fully manageable by the business promoting it, and is clearly laid out throughout the site which enables users to quickly find the information they are looking for or to send an enquiry.

Since imagery plays an important role in the site, we decided to give the business complete control over their images. Not only can they re-order their images, but they can re-position them via an intuitive tool using a click and drag mouse operation to set exactly where the image sits within the photo frame (see the screenshot to the right). Finally, we integrated Paypal’s new recurring digital payment facility to ensure easy payments with great flexibility were offered, giving the business a choice between Monthly and Yearly payments, and the ability to choose what day the charge is taken from their account. The site offers two membership plans, both standard and premium. This website is a brilliant tool for any couples that may be planning their wedding or any business that offers wedding products or services. Interested? Then make sure you check out http://www.westcountryweddingguide.co.uk for more information.


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