A Look Back At The First Quarter Of 2019

What a blockbuster start to 2019. 

Lets start with some of the key client wins. 

We started the year by winning a contract with the national and very well respected franchise, Waterbabies. If you’re a parent of a young one you probably know the name. We’ve been taken on to help their Head Office with various elements of their digital presence. A few years ago took Oscar (my four year old) through their swimming lessons so I was super chuffed when we were engaged by the lovely team there and look forward to working with them in an ongoing capacity, hopefully for a long time. 

We also landed two major names from London – Investigo, a £100 million plus recruitment company based out of Broadgate and Axians, part of the billion dollar Vinci group. With Investigo our remit is to help provide them support from a digital marketing perspective with a new website development project. We sit as consultants in the wings to help and advise on best practice and getting the most from this enormous web build.  With Axians, we had already done a small amount of consultancy and training with them in the previous year but this piece of work saw that branch out into digital marketing advice and we’re very pleased they chose us to take this work on. 

I made ‘a bit’ of a song and dance about this next one when it happened but when you’ve knocked on the door for 15+ years, who could blame me. When the Met Office came to Exeter in 2003 I knew that one day I’d finally get a chance to help them and this was the year. Naturally I need to be a little careful of exactly what I talk about but it all falls into our sweet spot of Digital Marketing consultancy and advice. A major win for us and one that left me smiling for a few weeks at least.
I’m also very proud of the fact we’ve had two clients return to us after a couple of years using other agencies. I find these particularly pleasing because while we understand its natural sometimes to go off and try others, what they’ve both clearly found was that Optix provides a service they are more than happy to re-engage with bigger and better than before. 

In other news, I spoke for the 5th year at the PraxisAuril conference in Loughborough and then I was flown to Amsterdam to talk at a FINAT event for the labelling industry. I join that association again in June this year at their annual conference in Copenhagen. 

We have now officially launched our new content management system – Optimus and put it out for the rest of the world to see, play with and tinker under the bonnet if they wish. It’s a single paged app, lightning quick and already being loved by our clients. The guys that have been involved in the UI/UX/Design and Build have done a staggeringly good job and I know this is just the start of that journey. If you’d like a demo, drop me a line.

In Feb we held our 5th Annual Digital Trends seminar (featured picture) at Deer Park in Honiton. We had an incredible turn out of 120 people, some even travelling down from London. James Poulter took the stage first and gave us all a glimpse of the future (and present actually) in the Voice space. Something we all need to be swatting up on. Three workshops from Sharon Sandercock (Ilses of Scilly Travel Company), Katharine Bourke and our very own Crystal Carter were next and I finished the show with my look at the latest trends. By way of the feedback (not just me saying it) the whole event was a massive success and topped last year. The big question now is how we go one bigger in 2020!

And my final mention (although I’m sneaking it in as technically it started on 1st April) was the very exciting news that we’ve launched the SW’s first Digital Marketing Academy. More on that at the Optix Digital Academy site.

When I write these up I can barely believe how much we’ve achieved in just 3 months but its testament to the amazing team we have at the company right now. So until then, I’ll see you next time 🙂 

Alastair Banks

Alastair co-founded Optix Solutions with his university course mates in 1999. Since then he has gone on to be recognised as a real expert in his field, consulting for a number of national organisations and speaking on his subject matter all over the UK and Europe.

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