A/B Testing Your Emails

The term A/B testing is effectively marketing jargon for an experiment with two variants. In an email campaign you would typically create two of the same emails but each with a different component. 

For example, you might change the email subject line or an image within the email body but keep everything else the same. You would then send the different emails to two small segments of your recipient list and see which email gets the most interaction.

The Subject Line

By changing the subject line, you can determine which email is opened more often.

You could try changing the following:

  • Personalisation – Test whether using the recipient’s name or a generic term leads to more opens and improves your open rate
  • Promotion – Which promotional wording is more successful?
  • Punctuation – For example, the difference between using exclamation marks or not.

From Name

Does your recipient respond better to an individual, company or product name? You can change the ‘from’ name and also the email address the email is sent from.

Email Content

This could involve changing something as small as a sub-section title to a completely different design altogether. 

Other components to test could be:

  • Images within the email body
  • Call-to-actions
  • Header images
  • Article length

The results

You can monitor anything from open rates and bounce rates to the location in which your emails are opened using an email marketing platform such as Optixmail. This is key to perfecting your emails and getting the best return on investment for your campaigns.

Look out for our next blog explaining what you should be looking for when tracking an email. 

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