2011: Year of the pro-active search engine?

When I read about Nigel Leck’s Twitter chatbot, @AL_AGW last month and technology review’s report on what he has created, essentially a pro-active search engine that directs the information to you without actively searching for it, I have been excited by the prospect that eventually the relevant information to what I need will just find me.

A few days ago, Google announced that they are looking into ways to push the information to you, before you even know you need it!

Mayer said Google is looking at what she called “contextual discovery” as a way to evolve search – pushing information out to people before they’ve started to look for it, based on factors such as their web browsing history or current location.

This is exciting news and I can’t wait for it to evolve. I think it is the future of searching and hopefully as soon as 2011. Could this be a playground for spammers, though?


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