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Web Design and development, a website is a powerful focal point and resource that can drive your bussiness and profit forward.

At Optix Solutions

we understand the need for reliable and robust Web Hosting solutions you can trust. We offer hosting solutions across platforms such as Windows, Linux and ASP and will work with you to ascertain which solution best matches your needs, taking the pressure off of you.

Whether it's a shared, dedicated or mirrored - i.e. supported by a back-up server in case of problems - hosting solution you require we have everything you need.

Our Servers

Our servers are based in Level 3 Communications' London Data Centre. Operating one of the largest Internet spines in the world, Level 3 delivers first class service over one of the world's most advanced IP-optimised networks.

The Benefits

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Multiple mains electricity feeds are supported by a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system with generator back-up.

Fire Suppression

Should a fire break out then our FM200 Fire Suppression System will be triggered - in seconds FM200 gas will be released into the room extinguishing the fire.

Climate Control

The Data centre's Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems features full particle filtering and humidity control, and the environment is maintained at a cool 68 degrees to ensure the optimum environment for your server.


Security is paramount to us. Our servers are manned 24/7 by trained, uniformed security staff to provide a deterrent to unauthorized access. CCTV, with time-lapse videoing, both internally and externally, warns a security control centre of possible intrusion. Proximity cards control access within the facility.

Unparalleled Monitoring

Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, enabling an almost immediate response time from our engineers. Our executive management team are kept informed of the status of our servers at all times through our SMS-based escalated server reporting system.

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Support over Christmas and New Year

2015 has proven to be another amazing year for the team at Optix Solutions! We started the year......


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To see your business grow, call us on

01392 66 77 66

or email us to have your expectations exceeded


to see your business grow, call us on

01392 66 77 66

or email us to have your
expectations exceeded

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