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SEO consultancy in Exeter, we dont do onesize fits all soulutions.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Every day billions of people around the world use search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN are responsible for the majority of visitors to websites) to find products or services. Therefore, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), making your site as prominent as possible, is one of the single most important marketing techniques to be considered when designing a website.

SEO is a complex process, especially in saturated markets with heavy competition. As a standard, every website we build has not only high search engine visibility but also an emphasis on user-friendly access and navigation, both prerequisites for any successful optimisation campaign.

The Optix Edge

At Optix we have a team of dedicated Search Engine Optimisation Consultants who will work with you on a regular basis in order to continuously develop your website and ensure its content is of the utmost relevance when search engines direct potential customers towards you.

The Benefits

  • A well optimised website can be listed on the 1st page of the top search engines - increasing visits, enquiries and sales
  • The majority of traffic generated by SEO comprises of customers actively looking for your products and or services, leading to much higher conversion rates
  • SEO improves the credibility of your brand, products and or services - the search results returned by the most popular Search Engines such as Google are trusted
  • You don't pay for every click (although we can manage a Pay Per Click advertising campaign for you in collaboration with our SEO service)

What You Get

Every month your dedicated Search Engine Optimisation Consultant will send you an in-depth report on the performance of your site, including:

  • A personalised overview of the way in which your site performance has developed
  • An overview of your site usage, including:
    1. The number of visits to your site
    2. The average time a customer spends on your site
    3. How many pages, on average, a customer will visit whilst on your site
    4. What percentage of your site traffic consists of new traffic
    5. What the top performing content areas of your site are
    6. An overview of what the top traffic sources to your site are
    7. An overview of the latest competitor benchmarking statistics

We encourage a consultative and progressive relationship with our customers. Successful businesses are, by their very nature, dynamic - precisely why our SEO service has been designed to grow with the needs and demands of your business.

This service is ideal for customers looking to increase traffic to their website, retain current visitors and develop closer relationships with their clients, and in so doing increase enquiries, leads and, ultimately, sales.

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To see your business grow, call us on

01392 66 77 66

or email us to have your expectations exceeded


to see your business grow, call us on

01392 66 77 66

or email us to have your
expectations exceeded

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